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lady bug on grass

One unseasonably warm February morning while sitting at your kitchen table having cup of coffee number 2 (the required number just to get through the morning) you catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye. You looked again and noticed a tiny red bug flying against the window right where the sun…

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house centipede in pittsburgh home

It is hard to believe that fall is here, especially for those of us who live here in the east. Daytime temperatures have been running from five to ten degrees higher than normal these past few weeks, and we have had some warm, humid days that would rival the best that summer had to offer…

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mouse looking for protection from the winter weather

Are you ready for another bitter winter with record breaking temperatures? Well, neither are those bugs and wild animals. Whether they are a warm-blooded animal with fur or a cold-blooded bug with no way of regulating their body temperature, winter is something these creatures definitely want to get…

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Crack In Foundation

When the grill gets stowed or covered and the air begins to chill you know what comes next. Yes, snow. But before the snow, comes the onslaught of household pests. Wasps will squeeze in through eaves or holes in your window screens. Rodents will gnaw their way in through softened wood or areas that…

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It is spring again, Pittsburgh. This is the season when overwintering pests come out of their hiding places in your basement, walls, and attic spaces. Wasps come to sting, ants come to eat, stink bugs come to stink and wood-eating termites come in search of a new home. This is the most important…

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