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mouse looking for warm shelter

Summer is on break and spring won’t be here for a while. For some, that means a much-needed relief from summer stings, bites, and rashes. Not so fast. Winter comes with its own special pest risk. The problem with winter is that pests now live in your home, sharing your bed and your living…

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unpacking christmas decorations

As the most wonderful time of year approaches, many of us will begin to dig out the Christmas decorations from the attic, basement, or backyard shed. Unfortunately, the same places we store the decorations are the same places known for harboring bugs. Are there pests hiding in the boxes full of the…

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stink bug crawling on window screen

Every year, as the Pittsburgh weather takes a turn towards colder temperatures, bugs go into hiding. They may hide in a tree, under a log, inside a stump, beneath a rock, in the cracks of a rocky mountain wall, and any number of other places. If you have bugs around your Pittsburgh home, like all of…

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stink bug up close

If you think that the title of this article has an improper usage of the word "in" in it, you would be correct. But, before you get out your red pen, give us a chance to explain.

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stink bug crawling on screen

Autumn is here. And, along with the changing leaves, pumpkins, and cold temperatures, you can expect something else this time of year. Yep. We're talking about stink bugs.

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