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indian meal moth in pittburgh pantry

Winter brings out a variety of pests that we often don’t think about or pay much attention to. Our joyous holiday season can be ruined by these unassuming pests. We’re not talking about mice or spiders. We are referring to common pantry pests, which can include a variety of beetles and…

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indian meal moth in grain product

There are many pests that will invade your home to take up residence in your kitchen cupboards or pantry and we tend to lump them all in the category “pantry pest”. The most common pests to invade kitchens are the Indian meal moth, the merchant grain beetle, and the drugstore beetle…

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indian meal moth

There are an amazing variety of pests that can infiltrate our food products, and they come with names like warehouse beetle, sawtoothed grain beetle, confused flour beetle, drugstore beetle, Indian meal moth, bean weevil, merchant grain beetle and more. But, don't worry; we're not going to get into…

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protect your food from pests with these tips

Plan on doing some winter baking to take away the doldrums of January? Then it’s time to sort through your cupboards and make sure it is free from food destroying pantry pests. If you have bags of flour, packages of cake mix, granola or other dry food stuffs that have gone unused for awhile…

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