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pest technician and customer

Are you worried about ants invading your pantry? How about cockroaches scaling your walls and ceilings while you are trying to watch TV? Do you ever wonder if termites might be eating away at the insides of your walls, destroying your home from the inside out? Maybe you are more concerned about…

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earwig crawling outside a pittsburgh home

Are you working hard to have a gorgeous flower patch, an abundant vegetable garden, and productive fruit trees and berry bushes? Do you also have earwigs? You may have been told that they are good for your plants and flowers, and this is partially true. They do play a beneficial role in your yard…

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norway rat next to building in pittsburgh

Have you ever wondered how Norway rats ended up in Pittsburgh? Do you imagine a little rat and his mate, sneaking onto a ship at a Norwegian shipyard that was bound for America? Well, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Norway rats actually originated in Asia, but they were…

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