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Carpenter Ant In Pittsburgh Home

When it comes to wood destroying pests, both carpenter ants and termites come to mind. Both of these pests share a love for one thing...the wood structures in our home. With spring finally here and the weather finally getting warm again, both carpenter ants and termites will become more active in…

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Mice Nesting In Pittsburgh Home

With the cold winter air continuing to blow across Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, it is important to be aware of potential winter pests like mice for example. Just as we don’t want to spend time out in the cold, neither do these tiny rodents. And they make a pretty good attempt at finding any…

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small brown mouse in pittsburgh pa

They may be small but their damage and destruction can be mighty. We are talking about mice and their impact on homes in Pittsburgh. Now that the fall season is here, the temperatures are on the decline, which means that mice as well as many other fall pests will be looking for a warm place to spend…

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red and black carpenter ant in pittsburgh

It can be challenging when trying to identify which type of ant you are seeing in or around your home. Most small ants are simply a nuisance and not capable of harming us or causing damage but there are some species such as the carpenter ant that can lead to extensive structural damages.

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pittsburgh pavement ant on stick

Although it may seem that simple, there are actually thousands of different ant species which can make things pretty confusing when it comes to the ant problems at your residence. One of the most common species of ants likely found to be foraging for food around homes in Pittsburgh is the pavement…

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