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carpenter bees in a chewed whole

There are many different kinds of stinging insects in the Pittsburgh area. Honey bees, bumble bees, wasps, hornets, the list goes on. Carpenter bees can be especially problematic. Not only do they have the ability to sting you, but they can also cause severe property damage. Keep reading to learn…

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a carpet beetle crawling on fabric

What’s that tiny bug on the wall? One common house-invader is the carpet beetle. These small, speckled beetles can show up in homes year-round. They might be small, but they can appear in large numbers and cause significant damage.

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a cluster of silverfish crawling on paper

There are many different pests that you might encounter in your Pittsburgh home. These pests can range from harmful to harmless and can be anything from rodents to fruit flies. While some pests can cause health risks to humans and others can do property damage, there are many that are mostly just a…

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a hosue centepede crawling on a rock

There are many pests that make people feel grossed out and uncomfortable. There are certain pests, like spiders, that many have a phobia of. There are also pests that are a big problem for people because they cause health risks or do property damage. But, even some pests that are mostly just a…

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a rat crawling in garden compost

There are many seasonal insects and creatures that can make allergies worse, as well as make other health issues arise. Find out the best ways to spruce up your Pittsburgh space, what critters to look out for, and how Witt Pest Management can help.

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