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mouse searching for food

This can be a startling discovery. You move a trash can and a mouse or two scurry away along your foundation wall. You open a box, move a toy or shift something that is sitting next to your exterior walls, and you see mice. There are hundreds of ways you might come across mice outside your home. You…

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brown marmorated stink bug

It's that time of year again. This is when those nasty, shield-shaped stink bugs are going to start coming into your house. They'll be crawling in your curtains, buzzing around your lights, and dive bombing your face. They'll be climbing on your television screen, crawling on your bed and leaving…

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mouse next to football

Are you a Steelers fan? Are you as passionate as we are? Then you know that passion comes at a cost. When the Steelers are playing, you can't relax for a second, even if they're up by 21 points. That's why we have shirts that say, "I can't keep calm, I'm a Steelers fan!" But it doesn't matter. Win,…

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Crack In Foundation

When the grill gets stowed or covered and the air begins to chill you know what comes next. Yes, snow. But before the snow, comes the onslaught of household pests. Wasps will squeeze in through eaves or holes in your window screens. Rodents will gnaw their way in through softened wood or areas that…

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family enjoying a pest free labor day

I hate to even think about it, but it is fast approaching – my most dreaded holiday of the year! Not because I don’t love to get ready for it - and not because my family and I dislike having a marvelous family day of parade watching and roasting meat and veggies on the grill or taking…

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