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Bees Hive

This is the time of year that your deck is getting a lot of use- neighborhood gatherings, nightly grilling, gardening, and relaxing are just some of the perks of deck ownership. But, if you aren’t careful you may not be the only one using your deck. Deck season is also the time of year that…

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image of mosquito

Chikungunya is one of many viruses that are carried and spread by mosquitoes in Pennsylvania. It is most commonly spread by the biting Asian tiger mosquito which generally bites during the daytime. This newcomer to the repertoire of diseases that these flying germ factories can cause prompted our…

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Hole In Window Screen

If you are looking to protect your home from bugs of all shapes and sizes, working screens aren't just a good idea, they are essential. They don't just keep those pesky mosquitoes out, screens deter roaches, flies, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, scorpions, wasps and a whole host of other nasty…

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Carpenter Bee

We talked last time about what to do if you discover carpenter bees going in and out of a drilled hole in your eaves, deck or patio. But what if you haven't gotten carpenter bees yet? Are there ways to prevent carpenter bees from targeting your home in the first place? There sure are.

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It is spring again, Pittsburgh. This is the season when overwintering pests come out of their hiding places in your basement, walls, and attic spaces. Wasps come to sting, ants come to eat, stink bugs come to stink and wood-eating termites come in search of a new home. This is the most important…

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