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Norway Rat

The mention or thought of a rat infestation is enough to instantly birth a feeling of dread in the heart of Pittsburgh property owners and managers. This is a well-deserved concern due to the health threats that accompany rat infestations. Rat bites and rat urine are responsible for spreading…

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Image of a Mouse

Is this a question you've been asking lately? It is a good question. You'd think that with everything coming back to life, that mouse would want to be back out in nature where he belongs. But mice are commensal creatures. Unlike a parasite which lives in its host and does harm, commensal creatures…

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Spring Pest

Let's say you are the type of person who takes food right out of all of your neighbor's refrigerators--hypothetically, of course. Now, every day you go out to get dinner, and let's say you grab some leftover steak from Becky's, some frozen broccoli from Ted’s, and some pineapple from Meghan's…

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Image of a Child

Do you have any mess makers living in your house? From an early age, kids have a propensity for luring in bugs, especially roaches. They drop a sticky lollipop behind the couch. They splatter food on the table, walls, and floor. And, they put their food covered hands on everything. Fortunately, when…

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Clothes eating Moth

If you're coming upon this knowledge because one of your favorite outfits has become a tasty snack for bugs, I'm sorry for your loss. It is no fun when clothing moths attack. They can thoroughly ruin a cashmere sweater or silk blouse--well technically, their babies can. It isn't actually the full…

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