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Wasp Identification Pittsburgh

Did you know that most stinging insects are at their most active in the fall? That’s because hive populations have finally hit their peak (all the juvenile stinging insects have fully grown) and there are more mouths to feed than ever before. You may see more stinging insects around your home…

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PA Spider Control

This summer, you may have been playing host to spiders while they searched for insect prey inside your home. This fall, you may have spiders because they are searching for shelter from the colder weather. Either way, spiders want in! Here are some tips from the Pittsburgh exterminators at Witt Pest…

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carpenter ants or termites in your pa home

If you would like to learn more about the different wood destroying pests in Pittsburgh including carpenter ants and termites, please contact our pest control professionals at Witt Pest Management today. We offer services to get rid of carpenter ants and prevent termites from damaging your home and…

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People at the movies enjoying a film

There sure are a lot of summer blockbuster movies out this year (Man of Steel, World War Z and Monsters University to name a few) and if you’re like most of us, you’d probably like to catch one or two, if you get the chance. Catching a summer flick is a good way to…

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Pittsburgh Ant Control

We agree, the thought of grabbing a can of spray and killing the ants on your kitchen counter sounds great, sort of. But then why do they always keep coming back? Ant control, while it may seem like an easy fix on your own, is not in fact an easy undertaking. Ants are very social insects which means…

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