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small gray mouse on a red christmas bulb

Ready or not, it is time to get those holiday decorations up. At Witt Pest Management we wanted to help you make your decorating process less of a hassle and most importantly pest free! Did you know that pests such as mice, spiders and silverfish could all be camping out in your decorations? 

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fruit fly in a pittsburgh home

If you have recently noticed that your kitchen is swarming with tiny flies, they are likely fruit flies. These tiny flies are most active during the summer and the fall in Pittsburgh and are on a mission to find produce including fruits and vegetables.

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small brown mouse in pittsburgh pa

They may be small but their damage and destruction can be mighty. We are talking about mice and their impact on homes in Pittsburgh. Now that the fall season is here, the temperatures are on the decline, which means that mice as well as many other fall pests will be looking for a warm place to spend…

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lady bug in a pittsburgh back yard

Well, daylight saving time is going to end soon which means it’s time to recall which way to turn the clocks. Along with the time change, property owners/managers in Pittsburgh can also expect to see overwintering pests making their way indoors. Stink bugs, lady bugs, and box elder bugs are…

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a carpenter bee burrows into wood in pittsburgh

For example the carpenter bee, found in Pittsburgh, is a solitary bee whereas many other bees and stinging insects are extremely social in colonies with hundreds of others. Also, the habits of different stinging insects bring different pest threats to homeowners. The pest control professionals at…

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