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mouse overwintering in a pittsburgh home

Mice may be cute to look at when they are snuggled safely inside their cage in your classroom or in the pet store or when they are scampering in the great wild outdoors, but they are far from cute when they decide to use your home for their winter abode.  Mice are actually dangerous…

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Image of a Mouse

Is this a question you've been asking lately? It is a good question. You'd think that with everything coming back to life, that mouse would want to be back out in nature where he belongs. But mice are commensal creatures. Unlike a parasite which lives in its host and does harm, commensal creatures…

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small brown mouse in pittsburgh pa

They may be small but their damage and destruction can be mighty. We are talking about mice and their impact on homes in Pittsburgh. Now that the fall season is here, the temperatures are on the decline, which means that mice as well as many other fall pests will be looking for a warm place to spend…

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