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stink but up close

As the weather starts to get cooler, home-invading pests will begin to look for warmth, shelter, and food within your living space. The colder it gets the more you will start to see stink bugs crawling around here and there, being a nuisance everywhere they go. You might find them around windows and…

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stink bug trying to get into a pittsburgh home

Are stink bugs crawling all over your walls, inside your curtains, and across the news anchor's face? Are they doing flybys as you try to choke down some oatmeal and get out the door to work? Has living with stinks become as much of a fall tradition as Halloween or Thanksgiving? There is a reason…

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pa stink bug control

Unfortunately for us, the stink bug is believed to have accidentally landed in the Pennsylvania several years ago and have been causing a stink ever since.  Not a native to this country, stink bugs have a tendency to find their way into Pennsylvania homes, especially during the fall and spring…

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