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mouse found in home

As we draw closer to the arrival of fall, that means we are also drawing closer to rodent invasions and all the problems that come with them!

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mouse in pittsburgh home

Summer is here, and, as you are probably aware, that means it’s time to start protecting yourself, your family, and your home from the various flying, stinging, and crawling insects that become plentiful during this time of year; you may not have realized, however, that other pests…

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mouse found in kitchen

When you hear the word "rodent," what comes to mind? Do you think of a dirty sewer rat lurking in the shadows of a subway station? Maybe the word conjures up images of a mouse nest in your shed, full of squirming baby mice. Or perhaps you think of squirrels getting onto your roof and disappearing…

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mice found in the wall of a pittsburgh home

Of all the species of mice and rats, there are only a handful that want to live in your house. And in winter, they are even more motivated. If you're hearing them knocking around in the walls, it might be time to get familiar with what threats they may pose to your family.

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norway rat found in the basement of a pittsburgh home

You found it! The definitive guide on the Norway Rat. Well, maybe not definitive but everything you'll ever need to know about this filthy intruder.

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