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termite control expert

Let’s say we are on a long trip, and we are making good time. Sometimes we will tempt fate by waiting until we get to the next gas station, knowing full well we should definitely stop sooner. Or maybe it’s like when we are late for work and push the speed a little, knowing that a police…

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termites in pittsburgh, pa

Each year termites cause billions upon billions of dollars worth of damage to homes. Even in Pittsburgh termites make a make a large impact, and for many homeowners, the presence of termites may go unnoticed. Termite Awareness Week was instituted for these reasons.

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termites in a pittsburgh home

Well, as much as we truly do wish the answer was no, it isn’t. With the right conditions, termites can certainly survive year round, and not only do they survive throughout the year, they literally never stop eating… ever. Termites eat 24/7, and if they go undetected long enough, will…

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technician installing termite control around pittsburgh home

If you were worried about termites in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this Spring and Summer, you may think that they will die off or go into hibernation during the Fall and Winter months, you may want to think again. Termites are wood damaging pests that are capable of enduring difficult conditions, which…

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witt pest management technician checking termite bait station

Termites are secretive pests, preferring to spend their time out of sight and out of mind - so often you will see signs of termite damage long before you ever see an actual termite in your home. When you do see a termite, you may think it is a carpenter ant, as they look very similar in size and…

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