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students in classroom

As bed bug infestations increase across the United States, it is becoming vital for every parent to understand this threat, and take the time to learn practical ways to prevent these blood-eating insects from establishing themselves. The frontline of defense for every home is a child who knows what…

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bed bug up close

Do you and your family plan on traveling to see loved ones this Thanksgiving? Are your loved ones coming to you instead? Will there be a hotel stay or two involved? Many of the families around the United States will have loved ones moving around the country to spend a few precious days together, and…

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bed bug crawling on bed in hotel

It wasn’t that long ago that the bed bug seemed to be part of a bygone era that only our parents and grandparents seemed to remember. Some were convinced that these pests were nothing but a figment of the previous generation’s imagination perhaps used to scare little kids into wondering…

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bed bug found in pittsburgh home

Traveling to visit family and friends is very common during the holiday season and the only things that you probably want to bring back from your trip are good memories and gifts. However, if precautions are not made, you may be bringing back bed bugs as well!

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bed bug crawling on skin

This is the time of year when people love to get out. They travel to the beaches and the resorts. They go to campgrounds and parks. They see relatives, friends, and have no problem traveling through several states to do it. Do you have any of these on your radar? If you're planning to take a trip…

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