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termites in ground near pittsburgh home

One of the biggest problems with termites is the fact that detection of these pests is nearly impossible, they are very good at hiding. Many pests will leave behind numerous warning signs that homeowners can see rather quickly. Termites, on the other hand, do not leave behind many signs at all. So…

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Termite worker in Pittsburg

Most everyone has heard of termites and knows that having them in their home is not a good thing, that termites use the structural wood of a home as an all-they-can eat buffet. But not many people really know what a termite looks like; and the reason for this is mainly because subterranean termites…

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Termite In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is home to the subterranean termite, the most veracious termite in the United States. This termite species builds its colony in the soil around your Pittsburgh home and creates tunneling up the side of your basement walls to protect themselves from the drying sun as they go in and out of…

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image of termites

Termite Awareness Week is an annual observance promoted by The National Pest Management Association. This year, Termite Awareness Week is being observed the week of March 17-21. The emphasis during this week of observance of termites is to educate homeowners about the threat of termites and instruct…

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termite damage to a pittsburgh home

Every year termites create an estimated $5 billion dollars in damage for property owners in the United States. Termites are considered silent destroyers because they can create a large amount of damage to your home without being noticed. When subterranean termites infest your home, they are looking…

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