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spider in basement

When the weather begins to get colder, it seems like all the spiders come running indoors. They show up in the corners of your ceiling, scurrying across the living room floor and, shockingly, behind the shower curtain. Why does it seem like they multiply in winter?

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house spider

While most spiders are quite harmless, even the smallest ones can be quite frightening, especially in the comfort of your own home. But have you ever stopped to think whether or not the spiders invading your home are dangerous or not?

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spider building web

While so many of us are enjoying nature’s greatest show in the fall, folks with strong arachnid aversion are constantly on the lookout for one of the other natural wonders, spiders. What is it about spiders and the fall? It seems like they are everywhere. Other insects seem to be gone, but…

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house spider in sink

The most common type of spiders found in Pennsylvania homes are called house spiders. Spiders begin to move into Pittsburgh homes in the fall more often as the weather gets cooler and they start looking for a warmer place to live out the winter months. There are few predators for spiders indoors, so…

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Spider on a Wall

Spiders can be a pain--and I'm not talking about when they bite you. I'm talking about the mental trauma they can cause. Have you ever lived in a place--or now live in a place--where the spiders keep coming out of the woodwork? It isn't long before you're continually scanning every wall, cleaning…

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