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a long legged house spider crawling along the residence of a pittsburgh home

You see the spider just before you turn the light off to go to bed. It skitters across the wall and then disappears behind your headboard. You lay awake for a while, imagining spiders crawling across your face as soon as you doze off. No one wants spiders in their house! But, other than being…

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spider on a web in a pittsburgh, pa home

It is not uncommon to hear that fall weather means fall pests. But, usually, the pests we hear about are mice, ticks, and occasional invaders such as ladybugs. How about spiders?

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spider building web in a pittsburgh home

If you think that you are seeing those creepy, crawly spiders in record numbers lately, you are not imagining it. Spiders are one of the many pests that enjoy the great outdoors as long as the weather is warm, but at the first sign of cooler weather, they scramble to find a winter rental –…

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Spider on a Wall

Spiders can be a pain--and I'm not talking about when they bite you. I'm talking about the mental trauma they can cause. Have you ever lived in a place--or now live in a place--where the spiders keep coming out of the woodwork? It isn't long before you're continually scanning every wall, cleaning…

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