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house spider in pittsburgh home

There are a wide variety of potential pests that could be in your home if you live in Pittsburgh. Of course, everyone worries about termites or wasps, but no potential invader strikes as much fear in so many people as spiders! Many people panic at the sight of spiders, and having one in their home,…

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house spider in web

Let’s face it; spiders are creepy pests. But, they rarely pose a risk to the health and safety of your family. In fact, there is really only one type of spider that poses any threat at all to the safety of people here in Pittsburgh, and the brown recluse spiders are shy creatures that only…

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spider building web

While so many of us are enjoying nature’s greatest show in the fall, folks with strong arachnid aversion are constantly on the lookout for one of the other natural wonders, spiders. What is it about spiders and the fall? It seems like they are everywhere. Other insects seem to be gone, but…

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house spider in sink

The most common type of spiders found in Pennsylvania homes are called house spiders. Spiders begin to move into Pittsburgh homes in the fall more often as the weather gets cooler and they start looking for a warmer place to live out the winter months. There are few predators for spiders indoors, so…

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house spider

What is a habitat? The dictionary defines it as a preferred surroundings. But more specifically, it is an environment that provides ideal temperatures, food sources, and water. If a creature moves into an area and does not find it appropriate for life, it will continue its search. Understanding the…

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