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Spring Pest

Let's say you are the type of person who takes food right out of all of your neighbor's refrigerators--hypothetically, of course. Now, every day you go out to get dinner, and let's say you grab some leftover steak from Becky's, some frozen broccoli from Ted’s, and some pineapple from Meghan's…

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spring cleaning helps prevent pest in pittsburgh

Finally, after a long winter, spring is here and it is time to start opening the windows, cleaning out the closets and sprucing up the yard! Spring cleaning can make your home and property feel fresh and new again after a long winter. Since you will soon be in the process of spring cleaning why not…

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Lady Bug In Pittsburgh

After all of the talk about winter pests and holiday pest control, it seems like no time has passed at all and yet here we are to warn you that spring pests will be arriving soon! The team at Witt Pest Management has seen many Pittsburgh homes and families fall into the trap of forgetting about…

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