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stinging insect on watermelon

Do you know why stinging insects come into your yard? If you understand what those painful pests are looking for, you can reduce your chances of being stung.

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wasp on a tree

After a cold winter, we’re all looking forward to the warmth and sunlight of spring and summer. As cold as winter may have been, however, it did offer at least one area of respite: We didn’t have to worry about stinging insects.

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close up image of a yellow striped wasp on its nest tucked away in a pittsburgh home

Like many other insects, stinging insects start coming back around as soon as the weather rises above the cooler temperatures of winter and early spring. Certain types of stinging insects - particularly honey bees, which are social insects - stay in their hives all winter, clustered together as they…

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wasp up close

No one enjoys having stinging insects like bees, paper wasps, and yellow jackets flying around them on their deck or on their property. The presence of stinging insects can make it difficult for families and friends to enjoy spending time outdoors playing and barbecuing, especially due to the risk…

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image of mosquito

Everyone knows that it’s a great defense that is the key to victory and the next Stanley Cup. We love our Pittsburgh Penguins! Just because it’s not hockey season doesn’t mean we Penguin fans shouldn’t be concerned about some ‘flyers’. We all know that when you…

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