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close up image of a yellow striped wasp on its nest tucked away in a pittsburgh home

Like many other insects, stinging insects start coming back around as soon as the weather rises above the cooler temperatures of winter and early spring. Certain types of stinging insects - particularly honey bees, which are social insects - stay in their hives all winter, clustered together as they…

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wasp up close

No one enjoys having stinging insects like bees, paper wasps, and yellow jackets flying around them on their deck or on their property. The presence of stinging insects can make it difficult for families and friends to enjoy spending time outdoors playing and barbecuing, especially due to the risk…

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image of mosquito

Everyone knows that it’s a great defense that is the key to victory and the next Stanley Cup. We love our Pittsburgh Penguins! Just because it’s not hockey season doesn’t mean we Penguin fans shouldn’t be concerned about some ‘flyers’. We all know that when you…

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image of a carpenter bee up close

Proper identification of a particular pest is paramount when discussing any type of management, extermination or control. Bees are certainly no exception to this rule. There are two bees in particular that are similar enough to be often confused with each other. This misidentification involves the…

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carpenter bee on wood in pittsburgh

Most people know what a bee is and that they should give them their space in order to avoid becoming victim to a painful sting. Did you know that there are actually many different types of bees? That’s right, believe it or not some bees are social, some are solitary, and some can actually be…

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