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a black and yellow long winged wasp sprawled out on a vibrant green leaf in a pittsburgh pennsylvania back yard

Even while the active season for most insects is winding down, the most vigorous time of year for stinging insects is only just beginning.

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paper wasps

There is nothing quite like spring in Pittsburgh. The warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and budding trees can lift anyone’s spirits. The long, dreary winter months and the depression that they can cause can be brushed away by the first warm breeze. It truly is a magical time of year.

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baldfaced hornets building nest

If you're seeing baldfaced hornets flying around on your property, you're definitely going to want to do something about them. While they have "hornet" in their name, they have more in common with yellow jackets. Like yellow jackets, baldfaced hornets are social insects that will swarm and pursue a…

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bees or wasp chart

Many homeowners believe a stinging insect, is a stinging insect, but the truth is, they really are quite different.

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