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carpenter bees in a chewed whole

There are many different kinds of stinging insects in the Pittsburgh area. Honey bees, bumble bees, wasps, hornets, the list goes on. Carpenter bees can be especially problematic. Not only do they have the ability to sting you, but they can also cause severe property damage. Keep reading to learn…

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stinging insect on watermelon

Do you know why stinging insects come into your yard? If you understand what those painful pests are looking for, you can reduce your chances of being stung.

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a wasp on its nest on a pittsburge property one sunny summer day

There’s something magical about a garden in full bloom. Yellow sunflowers, pink snapdragons, purple columbines - there are so many colors and shapes that spring up throughout the summer across Pittsburg and its surroundings. However, no matter how much you love flowers, you probably…

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wasp up close

No one enjoys having stinging insects like bees, paper wasps, and yellow jackets flying around them on their deck or on their property. The presence of stinging insects can make it difficult for families and friends to enjoy spending time outdoors playing and barbecuing, especially due to the risk…

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baldfaced hornets building nest

If you're seeing baldfaced hornets flying around on your property, you're definitely going to want to do something about them. While they have "hornet" in their name, they have more in common with yellow jackets. Like yellow jackets, baldfaced hornets are social insects that will swarm and pursue a…

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