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termite swarmer and termites

What are some of the things you are looking forward to doing when the weather starts to warm up, and stay warm? Are you excited about days at the beach or splashing in the pool? Are you looking forward to firing up the grill or stoking the backyard fire pit to cook some tasty outdoor treats? Are you…

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subterranean termites in ground

What is America's $5 Billion problem? Termites. Specifically, subterranean termites. These scary pests can come up from the soil and feed on a home or business for years without detection. How is this possible? It is because termites feed on wood from the inside. They chew tunnels and galleries all…

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When you read the caption of this article, did you think, "No, duh?" It is not surprising. Most of us know that moisture attracts termites. But do you know the kind of termites that are attracted to moisture or what conditions can create moisture problems that draw in wood-eating pests and allow…

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