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wasp building nest

No one wants to rush through spring, even though we love to see summer coming. It tends to go by too fast; and when it’s gone, Old Man Winter never seems to be too far behind. Whether we want to slow down the hands of time or not, summer is still fast approaching, and we need to consider being…

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pittsburgh grill

It’s time to play ball! It’s time to go outside! It’s time to hit the pool! And it’s certainly time to fire up the grill!! Grilling is an American pastime and rite of passage into the summer. When you step outside and smell that unique grill smell, you just can’t wait…

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Bed bug on a toe

Are you counting down the days until your summer getaway starts or just getting around to planning your summer vacation? Either way, a word of caution from the Pittsburgh pest control professionals at Witt: beware of bed bugs while vacationing.

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picture of a witt pest technician

The days are long and the sun is shining bright. For many this means it’s time to enjoy fun in the sun. But for this long time Pittsburgh pest control company, it means time to encourage Pennsylvania homeowners to pest proof their homes. Whether you have already had a few pests to deal with…

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