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Ants searching for food

Pest control companies across Pennsylvania say ant season is really bad this year because of all the rain we've been getting this summer. When the water table rises, ants are driven out of the ground in search of higher, and drier, ground. A lot of times, this will be someone's home. If you don't…

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Flag and BBQ Chicken

Before you get too excited--no--this isn't an article about how to cook beef tips to perfection on the grill. But, if you hate bugs, you'll find the tips in this article to be indispensable as you plan your 4th of July Barbeque.

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pittsburgh grill

It’s time to play ball! It’s time to go outside! It’s time to hit the pool! And it’s certainly time to fire up the grill!! Grilling is an American pastime and rite of passage into the summer. When you step outside and smell that unique grill smell, you just can’t wait…

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image of a yellow jacket found in pittsburgh

There are a lot of things about the summer we all enjoy. Whether your favorite part about the summer is grilling out, spending time at the beach or reading a book on the porch as the sunsets, most of us can agree, one of our least favorite parts of this time of year are the bugs.

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keep pests out of your pittsburgh home

A few spiders or ants here and there may not seem like a big deal but in fact, this means that your home is allowing pests inside. Of course this is not an intentional thing but there are often areas of concern that are unknowingly welcoming pests onto your property and into your home.

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