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termite on wood

We're heading into termite season again, and this year experts think it's going to be worse because of the mild winter we had. Now is definitely the time to start thinking about termite damage prevention.

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termite swarmers on a wall

As with any responsibility, the responsibility of keeping your home and family protected from outside stressors and frustrations is one that can be difficult to handle alone from time to time. There are many choices you can make as a homeowner to keep your property protected from a variety of…

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termites in pittsburgh

Termites will soon be back in full force—swarming, finding locations to set up new colonies, and spreading destruction to homes and properties.

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termites colony eating wood

In the Pittsburgh area, you might think that termites die off and aren’t a problem in the winter. As other pests seemingly disappear as winter approaches, it wouldn’t be off base to think that termites must too. However, that’s not the case.

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termites on the ground

With winter coming, people expect a decline in threats of pest invasions within their homes. But, unfortunately, with the right weather conditions, termites can stay active year-round.

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