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termites in pittsburgh home

Many homeowners look at professional pest control as a very helpful yet unnecessary expenditure, a lot like a car was service, or house cleaning service, it is definitely nice to have but we often wonder if it is really worth the money paid.

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installing termite bait station

The problem with small pests is that too many people assume they aren’t big problems. Of course, big bugs are a cause for concern; but in some cases, they are less threatening than the little ones. Termites are a good example of this. Just because they are small, homeowners and business owners…

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pest control technician installing termite bait station

Of all the insects that can get into your home, termites have the potential to be the most destructive. While these pests may be tiny, they hit the U.S. for billions of dollars in damages every single year.

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termite workers

Don't let termites damage your Pittsburgh property. Knows the Termite warning signs and protect your property today!

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water damaged wood

One of the most attractive settings for termites is water damaged wood, making what seems like a tiny water leak in your home the potential catalyst for a costly invasion of termites - and most homeowner insurance policies won't even cover the damage done by these voracious creatures.

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