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Termite Queen

This special Mother's Day message goes out to the mother of all mothers. In this modern age where many women find themselves raising children, doing housework, running errands, carting kids to school events, all while holding down a day job, it is nice to know there are still some who think it's…

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termites in pittsburgh

Termites, when it is determined that they are inhabiting your home, strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners. A heavy infestation of this pest can create havoc and cause considerable damage to the structure of the house. However, most people are not even aware that termites have moved in and taken…

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Termites In My Pittsburg Home

Termites are destructive. If they can find even the smallest gap in your home's armor, they'll march in and begin chewing through the wood structures of your home.

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termites found in the home in pittsburgh

It is that time of year again. You’re heading out to the yard to work on landscaping projects, planting gardens and flowers, mowing and weeding and cleaning up trees and other debris from the winter. When you’re out doing all this yard work, you may discover some things you’ll be…

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differences between carpenter ants and termites

Have questions about termites vs. carpenter ants? We get it- these bugs seem to have a lot in common and often leave people confused. You know they are both wood destroyers, but which insect is worse? Do they both live inside your home? Even though these insects seem to be similar on the surface…

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