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a blood thursy tick crawling along the long fur of a pittsburgh pet

It’s late spring here in Pittsburgh, and we are just about to break out the sunscreen, grab a glass of lemonade, and hit the nearest pool or lake. After all, many of us have been cooped up in our homes during the colder weather. Summer seems like a warm, sunny dream. One of the…

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termite treatments in pittsburgh home

Deciding whether or not to get a termite treatment can seem like a hard decision to make. You are weighing out the risk factors against the costs involved and asking yourself, "Is it really worth it?" This is actually the wrong way to look at this problem. When deciding whether or not you should get…

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image of termites

Termite Awareness Week is an annual observance promoted by The National Pest Management Association. This year, Termite Awareness Week is being observed the week of March 17-21. The emphasis during this week of observance of termites is to educate homeowners about the threat of termites and instruct…

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Termites In My Pittsburg Home

Termites are destructive. If they can find even the smallest gap in your home's armor, they'll march in and begin chewing through the wood structures of your home.

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termite damage to a pittsburgh home

Every year termites create an estimated $5 billion dollars in damage for property owners in the United States. Termites are considered silent destroyers because they can create a large amount of damage to your home without being noticed. When subterranean termites infest your home, they are looking…

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