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friendly witt technician talking to customer

Oh, the weather outside can get frightful here in Pennsylvania, especially when Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose. Fortunately, you can bundle up with a thick winter coat, a nice fluffy pair of mittens, and a warm scarf wrapped around your neck and chin. There is nothing like bundling up on a…

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spider found in pittsburgh home

Have you noticed all those spider webs hanging around in the corners of your living room and bathroom this fall? Have you seen abandoned webs drifting across your walls in the kitchen? Have you laid down for a long winter’s nap only to find yourself staring up at a spider web hanging directly…

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norway rat found in the kitchen

Norway Rats – the name conjures up the image of ancient or mythical barbaric Norwegian pirates scouring the ocean blue to wreak havoc, pillage, and plunder anything or anyone they come across. Now if you take that image and replace those strong, burly, sea-faring men with a stocky 1 pound…

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spider found in a pittsburgh attic

Halloween has passed for 2015 and you are now turning your attention to Thanksgiving. The search begins for the gravy boat, cutting board, and turkey carver you stored away last fall, and you begin unpacking everything turkey from your decoration tote. You find the tote containing your drapes…

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carpenter ant walking along piece of wood

We recently got a message that said, "While working on a windowsill with some wet rotting wood today, we found a tunnel running through the sill lined with dead carpenter ants and egg cases. We found roughly 20 ants and 20 cases. We probably need to replace the sill in any case, but should we have…

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