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house fly up close

You wouldn't think that such a tiny pest would be a threat. In fact, most people don't. A surprising number of people have no problem eating a sandwich after a fly has been walking on it. But we're here to tell you, that just isn't very smart.

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happy new year from witt pest management

Have you had pest troubles in the past? If you have, we are sure you are aware of how much stress, time, money, and energy it takes out of you when you have a pest infest your home. It can have a huge impact on your entire year. For homeowners who haven’t, you’ve been lucky…so far…

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Outdoor pests in nature will find any place they can to hide out during the winter months. That’s why it should be no surprise that pests will be more than willing to make their way through the cracks and crevices of your outdoor woodpiles. Pests like carpenter ants, mice, and centipedes are…

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woman wiping down kitchen

As inevitable as it is, that time of the year is back. As we find ourselves entering our homes in mud and snow-covered boots, digging into dusty storage boxes for decorations as well as bringing in new decorations from outside, and accepting that winter is here. We are already facing cold season…

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mouse in pittsburgh home

The time has come to admit it to ourselves, summer is over and winter is coming. As the cold weather takes over it's time to shift focus from making every moment of summer count to prepping for the cold months to come. This means winterizing our homes, which often involves preparing for a whole new…

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