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paper wasps building nest

Not only is the above heading hard to say, it is entirely true. It is spring in Pittsburgh and that means paper wasps are starting to make themselves known. This is the time when these little stingers start plaguing balcony areas, storage sheds, patios, and decks. If you're having persistent…

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paper wasp near a pittsburgh home

Paper wasps! The name sounds too cool to be a big deal; I mean it sounds like an origami project or something you would create in a craft class. “Oh, look at the beautiful paper wasp you made!” Or, when visiting a crafting boutique, “How much is that paper wasp? No, not that one, I…

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yellow jacket found in pittsburgh

When your yard is scarier than a zombie apocalypse, you probably have yellow jackets. These bad tempered insects are fiercely protective of their nests, and will grow agitated at any sign of danger. If you have had the unfortunate opportunity to be near a nest full of agitated yellow jackets, you…

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