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mouse in pittsburgh home

The time has come to admit it to ourselves, summer is over and winter is coming. As the cold weather takes over it's time to shift focus from making every moment of summer count to prepping for the cold months to come. This means winterizing our homes, which often involves preparing for a whole new…

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mouse looking for protection from the winter weather

Are you ready for another bitter winter with record breaking temperatures? Well, neither are those bugs and wild animals. Whether they are a warm-blooded animal with fur or a cold-blooded bug with no way of regulating their body temperature, winter is something these creatures definitely want to get…

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pittsburgh neighborhood during the winter

No one wants to be left out in the cold during the winter and that includes pests. Rodents, roaches and spiders are all looking for a cozy place to spend the colder months. The last thing you want is for those critters to take up residence in your home.

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pittsburgh resident carving a thanksgiving turkey

November is here and Thanksgiving is quickly sneaking up on us. The dreaded question is… Are you ready for the holidays? There are so many plans to make. From cooking to baking, decorating to cleaning. The holidays can seem a little overwhelming. Keeping your holidays pest free is essential…

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home in pittsburgh during the winter time

When the weather turns cold is when pests are most motivated to get into your home.

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