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Outdoor pests in nature will find any place they can to hide out during the winter months. That’s why it should be no surprise that pests will be more than willing to make their way through the cracks and crevices of your outdoor woodpiles. Pests like carpenter ants, mice, and centipedes are…

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mouse looking for warm shelter

Summer is on break and spring won’t be here for a while. For some, that means a much-needed relief from summer stings, bites, and rashes. Not so fast. Winter comes with its own special pest risk. The problem with winter is that pests now live in your home, sharing your bed and your living…

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witt residential technician

When the weather outside is frightful, your attic and wall voids are so delightful--to winter pests, that is. It is true that pests will invade your home year round, but the times when the weather is cold are the worst times of all. In nature, bugs and mammals burrow into the ground or hide in tree…

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mouse looking for protection from the winter weather

Are you ready for another bitter winter with record breaking temperatures? Well, neither are those bugs and wild animals. Whether they are a warm-blooded animal with fur or a cold-blooded bug with no way of regulating their body temperature, winter is something these creatures definitely want to get…

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