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We recently got this inquiry about ants. It said, "I've been battling with tiny ants that have shown up at times in 7-8 different areas. I beat them back in one area and after a time they show up in another. As of now they are still appearing in two areas. I think I need a professional." Ants can be…

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Flag and BBQ Chicken

Before you get too excited--no--this isn't an article about how to cook beef tips to perfection on the grill. But, if you hate bugs, you'll find the tips in this article to be indispensable as you plan your 4th of July Barbeque.

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Carpenter Bee

There are over 4,000 species of bees in the United States, but only a few are generally a problem for home or business owners. And, of all the bees you'll find on your property, one is distinctly different from all the others. It is the humble carpenter bee. If you have these bees living on your…

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Pest Control For The Home

How many years have you been with Witt Pest Management? Have you been a customer long enough to know that Witt's treatments give you the best bang for your buck, and that Witt service is the best in the business? Have you grown accustomed to pest problems being handled quickly and effectively? Are…

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Carpenter Bee Boring Into Wood

There is something unsettling about watching a big fat bee wiggling its way into a hole under your deck. It is even more unsettling to find several holes under your deck. It's sort of like the opposite of Christmas. Imagine how excited you feel when you come downstairs to see all of those gifts. The…

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