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Image of a Child

Do you have any mess makers living in your house? From an early age, kids have a propensity for luring in bugs, especially roaches. They drop a sticky lollipop behind the couch. They splatter food on the table, walls, and floor. And, they put their food covered hands on everything. Fortunately, when…

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Moth In My Home

Are you having trouble with moths in your Philadelphia home? You're probably wondering where they come from and why they've chosen your home to infest. The good news is I have some answers for you. The bad news is, if you're reading this because you've already been dealing with these pests, it is…

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Clothes eating Moth

If you're coming upon this knowledge because one of your favorite outfits has become a tasty snack for bugs, I'm sorry for your loss. It is no fun when clothing moths attack. They can thoroughly ruin a cashmere sweater or silk blouse--well technically, their babies can. It isn't actually the full…

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Here is a quick primer on flies, courtesy of Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences, and some tips on how to keep those flies from turning your home into a petri-dish. Warning: if you are easily grossed out, you may want to skip to the tips section of this article.

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commercial building in pittsburgh

In a commercial facility, pest management can seem like a very tricky task. Many commercial facilities attempt to handle pest management alone. However, we can tell you from experience that this is a mistake and one that can eventually cost you thousands. The best way to eliminate pests and the…

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