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Home Pest Control Tips Pittsburgh

Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014? Many people choose to make changes to their immediate lifestyle; committing to losing weight, going to the gym more often or resolving to follow a healthier lifestyle in general. At Witt Pest Management, we would like to make a…

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Pittsburgh Pest Prevention For The Holidays

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it; have you started preparations? We know it’s a little early to buy all your holiday meal ingredients, but there are a few preparations that can be done now to assure you don’t spend your Thanksgiving alongside invading cockroaches, mice, rats…

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Prevent Fall Pests In Pittsburgh

Fall pests are still here! Pests like spiders, stink bugs and centipedes are causing problems for Pittsburgh residents and we’ve been getting calls for them all! Luckily, these pests are mainly nuisances that just annoy homeowners more than anything else, but having them inside your home is…

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Cockroach Control In Pittsburgh

If you’ve ever had a cockroach run across your kitchen floor, you probably didn’t stop to think “what kind of cockroach was that?” That’s probably the last thing you were thinking! If a Witt pest control technician sees a cockroach run across the floor, our very first…

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Cicada In Pittsburgh, PA

Once about every 17 years there is a massive emergence of some pretty creepy looking critters called cicadas. Not only will you be able to identify cicadas by their massive emergence from the ground but there is also a distinct noise that the males make in an attempt to find a mate. While it is not…

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