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centipede crawling on basement floor

Having a centipede in the house is no big deal, right? It isn't like they're dangerous or anything. Well, in order to understand why it is a bad idea to have centipedes in your home, let's play a game called: ‘Have You Ever?’

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Bees Hive

This is the time of year that your deck is getting a lot of use- neighborhood gatherings, nightly grilling, gardening, and relaxing are just some of the perks of deck ownership. But, if you aren’t careful you may not be the only one using your deck. Deck season is also the time of year that…

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When you read the caption of this article, did you think, "No, duh?" It is not surprising. Most of us know that moisture attracts termites. But do you know the kind of termites that are attracted to moisture or what conditions can create moisture problems that draw in wood-eating pests and allow…

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It is spring again, Pittsburgh. This is the season when overwintering pests come out of their hiding places in your basement, walls, and attic spaces. Wasps come to sting, ants come to eat, stink bugs come to stink and wood-eating termites come in search of a new home. This is the most important…

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