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Stop Nuisance & Destructive Pests With Help From Witt

When it comes to Cranberry Township, PA, it’s all about location. Less than a half an hour travel time to downtown Pittsburgh and easily accessible from anywhere in the region, Cranberry is a great place to live and raise a family while still being close to The ‘Burgh. Unfortunately this 23 square mile Pittsburgh suburb has not escaped the notice of nuisance and potentially harmful insects and rodents. Here at Witt Pest Management, we understand how problematic pests in Cranberry Township are and offer solutions for ants, roaches, termites, mice- whatever is pestering homes and businesses.

Termites, Carpenter Ants & Carpenter Bees

What do these pests have in common? They’re all wood destroying insects that have been plaguing Pennsylvania property owners for years.  To be part of this not so prestigious group, a bug must infest and damage wood.  And just so we’re on the same page – it can be in their natural environment or ours.  So while all three pests mentioned above are considered wood destroying insects, they’re actually quite different.  Termites, for instance travel through soil from an underground colony to a potential food source (for the sake of the illustration, let’s say it’s your home).  Their mud tubes will extend from the soil and creep along your foundation.  A tiny gap will let them in and once inside, they’ll start consuming wood.  They prefer rotting or water damaged wood but will move into sound timbers if necessary.  Carpenter ants also live primarily outdoors and will also move inside to infest wood. The difference between these two pests is that while termites actually consume wood, carpenter ants don’t. They just tunnel through wood creating galleries.  Because they must forage for food elsewhere, property owners often see large black ants in the kitchen.  It’s not enough that they are damaging your home; they want to eat your food too! Now carpenter bees, they’ve got their own agenda.  You often find these bees drilling holes in your deck, eaves, and doors.  A solitary bee, this species does not eat wood but instead tunnels through the wood to create chambers for rearing young.  Left un-treated all three of these pests can cause problems. Serious problems if we’re talking about termites and carpenter ants. 

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Termite Control For Cranberry Homes & Businesses

When you partner with Witt Pest Management, you can say goodbye to termites in your structure and the thousands of other termites in the colony somewhere on your property. To effectively get rid of termites, our termite control pros install the most advanced termite baiting system available. The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System does not require drilling, digging or trenching like other termite treatments. Instead it delivers bait containing a small amount of active ingredient to foraging termites. They consume the bait but also take it back to the colony. The result – death to the workers and the entire colony including the queen!

Home Pest Control Services In Cranberry, PA

To get rid of carpenter ants and carpenter bees as well as many other house-infesting pests, Witt offers our TopCare home pest control program. Starting at $32/month, TopCare is a year round service that keeps pests away from your home and family. And with three different plans, you choose the coverage that best suits your pest pressures and your budget. For relief from ants, billbugs, stink bugs, roaches, mice and other common pests, contact Witt Pest Management for home pest control in Cranberry, PA.

How Else Can Witt Help?

In addition to our termite control and residential pest services, Witt specializes in:

  • Bed bug control

  • Commercial pest control

  • Fly control

  • Odor control

  • Food safety & sanitation

We are Pittsburgh’s oldest and most advanced pest control firm and are ready to help you win the battle against pests. With over 100 years of experience, you can count on our professionals.