While it is not true that these creatures crawl into people's ears, burrow into their brains, and lay eggs, it is true that they can invade homes and be a real nuisance, and be an indication of bigger problems. Earwigs are tiny insects, only around 6-25 mm in length (depending on the species). They have 2 antennae, 6 legs, 3 body parts, a set of pincers at the end of the abdomen, and a pair of membranous wings that fold underneath a pair of forewings. One unusual trait about earwigs is that the females in some species display maternal care, which is uncommon among insects. Female earwigs may care for their eggs and even keep watch over nymphs until their second molt.

What Are Earwigs Looking For?

Earwigs love plants and moisture. Gardens, flower pots, and other vegetation near your home will draw them in close. They also love decaying wood. If you have water damage of any kind on your home, earwigs will love you for it. Places to hide are important for earwigs. If you have lawn clutter, construction materials, tarps, rocks, firewood or other objects (especially if there is also vegetation and moisture) these things will draw earwigs in.

Why Do Earwigs Choose Certain Homes To Invade?

As mentioned, earwigs love moisture and decaying wood. If your home has been damaged by water, this will make it inviting to earwigs and other moisture pests. Gaps and cracks in your foundation or walls are areas where earwigs can squeeze through. Other points of entry may be damaged screens or door sweeps.

How To Keep Earwigs From Getting Into Your Home


  • Clear your property of unnecessary lawn clutter.

  • Get rid of piles of leaves and other vegetation where earwigs love to hide.

  • If you have mulch that retains water up against your home, consider replacing it with a dry material such as crushed rock.

  • Check your gutter system. If your gutters are blocked or broken, water will run down the outside of your home, possibly causing wood rot.

  • Examine the outside of your foundation and outer walls for gaps, cracks, and holes. Make sure to look around items that enter the home, such as wires and pipes. Seal up any cracks you find using a caulking gun or liquid cement until you can have things professionally sealed up.

  • Examine all door sweeps and replace any that do not have a good seal all the way across.

  • Earwigs can also slip past the weather stripping on your sliding doors. Look closely to be sure all your bristles are in good working condition. It doesn't take much of a gap for these tiny pests to get through.

  • Make sure things are dry inside your home if earwigs do get in. Using fans and/or dehumidifiers are a big help in keeping things dry.

Year-Round Service Will Take Care Of Earwigs

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