Fleas are no fun to have around. They ride into homes on pets and are able to multiply quickly if not properly taken care of. If you are finding irritating, itchy, red bites around your ankles, or you are seeing these tiny little hard-shelled pests jumping around on your carpets and in other areas, it is time to consider a professional flea treatment.

The following was designed to help you ensure that your professional flea treatment is successful. Fleas are very resilient pests that will come back time and time again if not properly taken care of. Let's work together to get your home flea-free and keep it that way. No one likes living with fleas!

Prior To Having A Flea Treatment

Note: Prior to the start of flea treatment service, all items will be reviewed by your technician to ensure a successful treatment.

  • Clear floor surfaces: All floor surfaces must be cleared. This includes removing items on closet floors, underneath beds, and underneath furniture.

  • Vacuum soft surfaces: On treatment day, vacuum carpets, rugs, drapes, and furniture, including underneath the cushions of upholstered furniture.

  • Vacuum hard surfaces: vacuum wood and tile floors, paying close attention to grooves and cracks. This will help to remove flea eggs, pupae, and larvae. Also, be careful to be thorough when vacuuming wall/floor junctures, as well as any areas that are frequented by pets.

  • Dispose of vacuum bag: When finished vacuuming, remove the vacuum bag, seal it in a plastic bag and dispose of it in an outside, in a covered receptacle.

  • Mop: After vacuuming, mop all tile, vinyl or wood floors.

  • Clean raised areas frequented by cats: Window sills, table tops, counters, and any other raised area that is frequented by cats should be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Remove food bowls and litter boxes.

  • Clean bedding: On the day of treatment, clean all bedding used by pets. Remove and launder all bedding on the hottest temperature that the fabrics can tolerate.

  • Clean other areas: Clear and clean floors in the basement and garage with soap and water if your pets frequent these areas. Pay close attention to areas where walls and floors meet.

  • Clean outside pet areas: Clean around dog houses or other outside areas where pets have access.

  • Mow your lawn: Take note that a flea treatment will be most effective if your lawn is cut prior to treatment.

During A Flea Treatment

  • Remove pets: All pets should be removed during treatment. Do not allow pets to return home until after the treatment completely dries.

  • Have pets treated for fleas: Pets should be professionally treated or dipped the same day as the flea treatment.

  • Stay away: Humans and pets should leave the house for a minimum of two hours, or until the sprayed areas are completely dry.

After A Flea Treatment

  • Clean: Thoroughly clean all countertops, tables, pet dishes, and all food preparation surfaces.

  • Don't clean: Do NOT clean your carpets or floors with any detergents or cleaners for at least two weeks. Washing these surfaces can result in the removal of the residual effects that the chemicals are meant to have on any remaining fleas or eggs that may hatch in the following weeks. (Note: It is common to see a few fleas for up to 2 weeks after a flea treatment. These are adult fleas, which are emerging from their cocoons. They should not reproduce, and they should be killed in a few days after coming into contact with the residual insecticide.)

To Avoid Future Flea Infestations

  • Long term flea control for all pets: Be sure to keep all pets on long-term flea control medication.  Check with your veterinarian for the best choice of products.

  • Vacuum regularly: Thoroughly vacuum your home every few days for at least 2 weeks following the flea treatment. Be sure to always dispose of the vacuum bag outside in a sealed container each time you vacuum.

No one likes living with fleas. Keep in mind that the success of a flea service greatly depends on working together to make sure everything goes smoothly so that your home can become flea-free once again. Life is so much better without fleas! Reach out to us today to get started.