A sustainable air freshening system you can feel good about.

Witt's air freshener program uses the fragranced cover of the dispenser as the air freshener refill itself!

Easily the best

Each cover is composed of a unique material containing twice as much fragrance as most other air fresheners which are released over 30 days.


Refills are 100% recyclable and VOC compliant.  Manufactured with over 50% less energy than typical plastic or steel containers.

Freshens the air better

Continuously freshens for 30 days so you don't have the peaks and valleys (or the spritzing showers!) of metered dispensers.

Closed Loop Recycling

Other air freshener and odor control products claim they are recyclable, but no one actually recycles them and they end up in the garbage. Under our program, when refills are replaced each month, we send the old cover back to the manufacturer to be ground up, re-molded and re-infused with scent for use again... a fully sustainable process.