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Pest Control In Apollo, PA - 15613

Whether you have decided to live in Apollo, Pennsylvania, because of work, family, or the small tight-knit community, most everybody can agree that it is a great place to put roots down. But, just like in other great towns, pests like insects, rodents, and others also like to live in Apollo. In order to protect your home or business from the damage, disease, and stress that pests can introduce, you should partner with a trusted pest control company. Witt Pest Management is a local trusted pest control company that has developed pest management services to fit the needs of any Apollo property. Whether you need commercial pest control, residential pest control, or help for a specific pest situation the Pittsburgh technicians at Witt can help!

Residential Pest Control

Witt is committed to eliminating and controlling pest problems in your Apollo home. We understand just how annoying, dangerous, and damaging pests can be; which are all reasons why we provide prompt services that are completed by our friendly, trained, and knowledgeable technicians. Whether you are looking for year-round home pest control or would just like a one-time service to eliminate a specific pest from your home, we have what you need!

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All of our pest control programs provide the same benefits: easy and affordable payment plans; scheduled comprehensive treatments in the spring, summer, and fall; and preventive maintenance services that focus on the exterior of your home- meaning you don’t have to be home for services to be completed. We also offer our Witt Pest Free Guarantee which states that if necessary, priority service visits are provided in between service visits that are at no additional charge to you.

Witt offers three home pest control programs to help ensure that whatever our customer’s needs are, we can meet them.


Our TopCare program protects your home from 40+ common household pests. Your initial service visit includes a detailed inspection and an interior visit. During each service visit, we will provide you with pest proofing and clean-up services, treatment of the exterior of your home, and a detailed report of the visit.

TopCare® Plus

The TopCare-Plus program includes everything that is in the TopCare program, plus the added benefit of 24/7 termite monitoring through early identification stations.

TopCare® Complete

This program again includes everything that is in the TopCare program along with comprehensive termite control using the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.

How to Tell If I Have Termites

Termites are rarely seen; they do not forage for food and water out in the open like ants or other common pests. They tend to spend their entire lives living underground, inside of wood, and traveling through mud tubes. Sometimes termites can be infesting a property for weeks, months, or, in extreme cases, years before they are detected. Knowing what common termite signs are, is the best way to ensure that if an infestation does occur on your property, you can seek help to eliminate them sooner rather than later!

Signs of termites:

  • Finding mud tubes that are about the width of a pencil running along the ground toward your home or running up and along the foundation of your home.

  • Noticing piles of wings underneath doors and windows that are left behind after a termite swarm.

  • Finding piles of frass (droppings) on floors. Termites are very neat and will remove the frass from their tunnels.

  • Painted or wallpapered walls in your home that appear blistered or splintered.

  • Wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it, and doorways or ceilings that look warped.

If you notice any of these signs or would like to put some preventative services in place to make sure that termites are never able to damage your home, contact the termite control experts at Witt Pest Management today. We offer a very effective solution to termites through the very eco-friendly Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System!

Commercial Pest Control

When it comes to pest control for your commercial business location, there should be no other choice than Witt Pest Management. We provide Apollo companies with Integrated pest management solutions through our SmartPM® program.   

SmartPM stands for service methods achieving responsible and thorough pest management. With this program we only use pesticides when it becomes absolutely necessary, it is an extremely affordable and comprehensive way for business owners to protect their property and reputation from pest problems.

Through SmartPM we provide:

  • Inspection services.

  • Accurate pest identifications.

  • The implementation of pest prevention and elimination services.

  • Accurate information through an electronic comprehensive report.

  • Continuous interaction with our clients to prevent break-down in communication.

Why Choose Witt Pest Management

The best reason to choose Witt as your home or business’s pest control company is for the peace of mind that only comes from choosing an industry leader in pest management services. Witt Pest Management is a family-owned and operated business that has been protecting the residents of Apollo and the greater Pittsburgh area from pests since 1908. For more than a century, we have been providing our customers with the most advanced pest management services available.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with proactive pest management services that are preventative, personalized, safe, and effective! As an added benefit Witt Pest Management is a QualityPro Certified company, which means all of our employees meet the pest control industry’s highest standards!

For more information about any of our pest management services for your Apollo, Pennsylvania, home or business, contact Witt Pest Management today!