Brackenridge, PA Pest Control Services

Pest Control In Brackenridge, PA

With over 3,000 people living here, Brackenridge is filled with things to do and places to see. There are several parks in the Borough, meaning that residents and visitors can spend time enjoying the outdoors. Brackenridge’s parks also mean that the Borough is no stranger to pests. Winters in Pennsylvania are cold enough to slow down some pests, but there are insects and rodents year-round that can get into buildings.
This is where Witt Pest Management comes in. We are the oldest pest control company in the Pittsburgh area, and we can solve your pest problems in the metro area, including in Brackenridge Borough. Whether you live or work in Brackenridge, let Witt Pest Management keep you stay safe from the damage and worries of pest infestations.

HOME Pest Control in Brackenridge, PA

One of the things that sets Witt Pest Management apart is our dedication to our customers. We understand how important your home is, and we want to do everything we can to help you keep your home safe. We have years of experience dealing with pests such as rodents, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and more.
You can rely on Witt Pest Management for one-time services controlling pests such as mosquitoes or wasps. We also offer three levels of ongoing protection, TopCare, TopCare Plus, and TopCare Complete.

Our services are eco-friendly and designed to meet your needs. We’ll inspect your property, determine the best plan of action, and implement a treatment plan to get your house pest-free as soon as possible. Plus, our year-round service options mean that you can find long-term solutions that won’t break the bank. No matter what pest you’re dealing with in Brackenridge, PA, Witt Pest Management can help.

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Commercial Pest Control In Brackenridge, PA

We know that Brackenridge isn’t just a residential area. Though many of the glass factories that created this town have since ceased operating, there are many other businesses to take their place. We at Witt Pest Management use an integrated program called SmartPM. This stands for Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management. Our eco-friendly solutions have a long-term impact that will help your business succeed and grow.
Our approach to pest control includes several steps that ensure individualized success. We inspect your property to determine possible problems and dangers. We identify problem areas and brainstorm solutions. We implement these solutions: quickly, safely, and efficiently. Throughout the process, we keep you informed and involved. This is your business, and we are here to come along beside you to stop pests from getting in the way of your success. Because of this, we offer same day service and ongoing treatment plans to keep your business safe from pests. We also offer extra services such as food safety, fly control, odor control, and rodent abatement services.

3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Rodents In Brackenridge, PA

Among the many pests that also call Brackenridge home, rodents can cause significant problems. In Pennsylvania, you might encounter house mice, Norway rats, black rats, and squirrels. Aside from being gross and often frightening pests, rodents can cause allergies and transmit disease. They may also cause an infestation of pests such as ticks or fleas. We have experience dealing with all of these pests and their problems.
We believe the best plan for avoiding rodents is to take steps to prevent them. Witt Pest Management offers year-round preventative treatments with routine visits to keep your home or business rodent-free. These visits include surveillance, monitoring, and baiting.
We can also help you implement your own prevention techniques. This includes limiting the number of attractants, such as food, and sealing off entry points.
To avoid a rodent infestation:

  • Keep your kitchen clean and never leave food sitting out overnight.

  • Store food in tightly sealed containers made out of hard plastic or glass.

  • Inspect the exterior of the building for holes and cracks that may be allowing pests to enter. This also includes using caulking to seal off holes and covering vents and chimneys.

Taking these steps toward prevention can help you combat rodent infestations, but it’s always a good idea to have us come by for an inspection. If you need help with rodents in the Brackenridge area, just give us a call.

Did You Know Termite Damage In Brackenridge, PA Can Be Avoided?

How much do you know about termite damage in Brackenridge and across the country? In the United States, it’s estimated that termites cost home and business owners over $5 billion dollars per year. A single building can rack up over $3,000 dollars of repair costs if termites aren’t caught quickly. Termites eat cellulose, which is found in wood. They often destroy the wooden structures of a home, resulting in expensive repairs.
Termites live underground and spend their time hidden inside the walls of homes. They are almost impossible to spot, and they don’t come out into the open. You won’t see termites in action, and you probably won’t see the damage until it’s too late. However, termites are an avoidable pest.
With Witt Pest Management, you can stop termites before they destroy your home. Besides steps you can take yourself, such as repairing damaged wood and reducing the humidity in your home, Witt Pest Management can take steps to keep termites out of your home.
We use Sentricon® System with Always Active technology to bait termites. This technology is a colony elimination system, meaning it works against the entire colony, not just the active worker termites. Our long-term preventative solution can protect your home before it’s too late, possibly saving you thousands of dollars.
No matter what pest you’re dealing with, whether termites, rodents, or something else, we’ve got your back. Witt Pest Management has years of experience eliminating pests from the metropolitan Pittsburgh area. If you live in Brackenridge and want to keep your home safe from pests, Witt Pest Management is the place to call.