Dormont, PA Pest Control Services

Pest Control In Dormont, PA

Dormont is a Pennsylvania borough that is part of the Pittsburgh Metro area. Living in Dormont you will find people from all walks of life- young professionals, retirees, and families. Along with a low crime rate, its close proximity to downtown Pittsburgh and its friendly, walkable downtown district, Dormont is well-known for being home to one of the largest municipal pools in the entire state of Pennsylvania! To protect your Dormont home or business from pests that also live in the Pittsburgh Metro area, partner with the local pest control experts at Witt Pest Management. We have been in the business of pest control since 1908 and are trusted by more than 3,000 homeowners. To discover how our affordable, modern, and effective pest control services can keep your Dormont home or business free of pests, give us a call today!

Residential Pest Control In Dormont, PA

Common house invading pests in the Dormont area include ants, spiders, mice, boxelder bugs, stinging insects, beetles, pantry pests, and more. To combat common household invading pests year-round, the professionals at Witt Pest Management offer a wide variety of home pest control options.

  • Our TopCare programs - These highly effective pest control programs all offer coverage against more than 40 common pests, year-round coverage, and include our Witt Pest Free Guarantee.

  • Our mosquito and tick defense outdoor living program - This program provides seasonal, monthly coverage against mosquitoes and ticks.

  • Our one-time service - This single service provides coverage against one individual pest (excluding termites and bed bugs) and includes a 30-day guarantee.

Trust the Pittsburgh pest control company that has over 100 years of experience protecting homes and families from pests, contact Witt Pest Management today!

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Can Carpenter Bees Damage My Dormont, PA Home?

Carpenter bees are often confused with the bumblebee, knowing the difference between the two is important because carpenter bees are capable of causing structural damages to a property that they are nesting on. Adult carpenter bees have a typical oval bee shape and are black in color, but unlike the bumblebee, they have a hairless abdomen that often has a bluish or greenish-purple sheen to it, this and the fact that carpenter bees lack yellow stripes are the main physical differences between the two species.

Carpenter bees are a solitary species and won’t be found gathered together in hives. The females create their nests inside wood, preferring older untreated wood. Carpenter bees create perfectly round holes that are about 1/4 of an inch in diameter; once inside the wood, they make a turn and create tunnels along the grain of the wood. While carpenter bees are in fact solitary, it is very common for many females to create their individual nests in the same piece of wood, returning to the same nesting site year after year, extending their tunnels and causing even more damage. Wooden structures and items that are typically damaged by carpenter bees include:

  • Trim and shingles

  • Play structures

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Deck rails

  • Eaves

  • Fences

If you are worried that your Dormont property is being damaged by carpenter bees, contact us at Witt Pest Management immediately. To learn more about the dangers of carpenter bees check out our blog post here. Our professionals can provide the targeted inspection and treatment services needed to solve any carpenter bee infestation, stopping them in their tracks and preventing further damage to your property!

Commercial Pest Control Available in Dormont, PA

At Witt Pest Management our commercial pest control services are completed through our SmartPM® program- Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management. This program provides our commercial customers with exceptional commercial pest control services, while only using insecticides when it is absolutely necessary. Our affordable and very effective commercial pest control services include:

  • Inspection

  • Identification

  • Implementation

  • Information

  • Interaction

Keeping your commercial facility free of pests and away from your customers, employees and products is our top priority. In addition to our SmartPM® program we also offer the following quality services to help maintain a healthy environment within your commercial facility: fly control services, odor control services, and food safety services. Give us a call to learn more!

Learn How to Identify a Bed Bug Infestation in Dormont, PA

Unless you are a trained and experienced professional, accurately identifying a bed bug infestation in a home can be tricky business. The bed bug's main goal is to stay out of sight but in close proximity to their main food source - people. Their flat bodies are ideally suited to allow them to hide out of sight during the day, emerging only at night while you are sleeping to bite you and feed on your blood. To give you peace of mind knowing that you haven’t missed one bed bug or twenty that are hiding in the cracks of your home’s walls, schedule routine bed bug inspections for your home from the professionals at Witt. Witt Pest Management provides bed bug inspections that are completed by trained pest management professional or by our expertly trained K-9 bed bug detectors and their handlers. If bed bugs are discovered in your Dormont property, we can quickly come to your aid and provide treatment using bed bug heat treatments, integrated bed bug treatments, or our Content Management Service (CMS). Contact us today to learn more about identifying a bed bug infestation inside of your Dormont property or about our effective and eco-sound bed bug control options!