Hazelwood, PA Pest Control Services

Pest Control In Hazelwood, PA

Your Hazelwood home or business could be your pride and joy if you put a lot of work into it. Most home and business owners around here work hard for what they have, and the fruits of our labor are easily seen in thriving communities, enjoyable neighborhoods, and successful businesses. 
However, one thing that you shouldn’t try and take care of on your own is pest control. Even though it’s against what you typically believe in, pest control is one aspect of your life in which, if you want something done right, you might have to let someone else handle it. That's why the best thing you can do to avoid pests on your property is to call Witt Pest Management. 

 Residential Pest Control In Hazelwood, PA

The residents of Hazelwood have to deal with pests such as insects and rodents on a year-round basis. Sure, the winters can get harsh, but many of our local pests will simply try more desperately to get into our homes when the temperatures drop.
Once these pests are in, many of them, like rodents, crickets, and carpet beetles can chew through our household items, contaminate stored foods, and more. Others, like the invasive German cockroach, will bring in dangerous bacteria and put you at risk of serious diseases.
To avoid danger and damage year-round, trust Witt Pest Management to provide the professional prevention and eradication methods that not only get rid of the problem for good but also keep your home, family, and pets safe from the hazards that many store-bought remedies don’t. With quarterly treatments and custom plans for anyone’s specific property and budget, Witt Pest Management has the services you need for the prices you want.

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Commercial Pest Control In Hazelwood, pA

Witt Pest Management has been serving the fine businesses of our Hazelwood community for years. Just because your business might not seem homey to you doesn’t mean it’s not the ideal place for pests. In fact, many businesses deal with even more pest issues than our local residential properties do. With inventory and stored food providing plenty of hiding spots and sustenance, sneaking into your business might be an insect or rodent’s dream.
On top of the risk to your inventory, insects and rodents are a significant threat to your reputation within the community. Thanks to social media, one pest sighting caught on video could reach thousands of potential customers in the area, tainting your good standing and putting your profits at risk. Fortunately, Witt Pest Management has commercial pest control solutions that can guarantee a pest-free facility. With eco-friendly treatments and on-call technicians to address issues that may pop up between visits, our pest experts have solutions for rodents, roaches, ants, bed bugs, and more.

Guide To Minimizing Mosquitoes In Hazelwood, PA

Hazelwood homeowners may be aware that mosquitoes are a huge nuisance during any outdoor activity, but most people don’t realize just how dangerous they can be. As one of the deadliest insects in the entire world, mosquito bites lead to 1 million deaths each year worldwide because of disease transmission. 
Any diseases that the warm-blooded mammals they have previously fed on can be easily transferred to humans in the event of a bite, which is why one in every three-hundred mosquito bites result in a variety of dangerous diseases like dengue fever, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and eastern equine encephalitis (many of which can be fatal).
Another common misconception about mosquitoes is that they’re unavoidable. However, if you can limit their opportunities for breeding, you might be able to avoid mosquito infestation in the yard. This is much easier said than done, though, as mosquitoes can breed in less than a half-inch of standing water.
Addressing any standing water issues by maintaining the lawn is not enough. Water will also gather after a rainstorm in flowerpots, birdbaths, wheelbarrows, and in other lawn ornaments. Unfortunately, though, just pouring the water out won’t necessarily prevent the larvae from growing. In order to break the breeding cycle, you need professional mosquito treatments. Call Witt Pest Management to find out how our certified mosquito treatments can keep your yard safe.

What Are The Signs Of Termite Damage In Your Hazelwood, PA Home? 

People understand the threat that termites pose to their Hazelwood homes, but they often underestimate how common termite problems can be. Over 600,000 homes fall victim to a new termite infestation each year in America, but they don’t all incur expensive damage. Homeowners who can spot a termite infestation in the first six months can usually avoid costly damage to their homes. Unfortunately, the worker termites themselves are very hard to see, but you should be able to notice the following four signs of termite activity if you’re aware of them:

  • Frass: this mixture of termite droppings and wooden pellets will build up along baseboard as dry wood termites work.

  • Swarmers: these winged termites in charge of reproduction will gather in large clouds around the property on warm days following rain. But they only appear for around half an hour, once a year.

  • Tightening around doors and windows: as termites create internal damage to the wooden structures in your home, it can become difficult to open doors and windows.

  • Soft clicking noises in the walls: as soldier termites warn other termites of danger, they make noise inside their tunnels.

If you do notice signs of a termite infestation, don’t wait around as the damage gets more expensive and the infestation gets larger. Call the pros at Witt Pest Management at the first sign of termite activity.