Imperial, PA Pest Control Services

Pest Control In Imperial, PA

Here in Imperial, Pennsylvania, we’re all about location, location, location. A short car ride from the dining and entertainment of Pittsburg, an even shorter ride from the international airport, and a stone’s throw from some of the best outdoor living attractions in the state. Some might say we’ve got the best of all worlds.

While we enjoy the convenience of the big city, the charm of the small town, and the active lifestyle of the country, along with this diverse lifestyle comes a diverse set of pests. Here at Witt Pest Management, we’re ready for every pest our superb location has to throw at us – from big city rats to backwoods mosquitoes. As Pittsburgh’s oldest pest control company, we’re trusted by over 10,000 area homeowners and businesses alike.

Residential Pest Control In Imperial, PA

Our residential pest control programs are advanced, effective, and reasonably priced, making us the smartest choice for your at-home pest control needs. Here at Witt, our decades of experience mean there’s no pest we haven’t handled a thousand times before.

From bed bugs bedding down in your mattress to termites tunneling through your walls to roaches rooting through your pantry, we’re ready to protect your family, your pets, and your property from any unwanted houseguests.

All of our TopCare programs offer year-round protection from over 40 common pests for as low as $36 a month:

  • Our TopCare option provides the most affordable yet uncompromising pest control on the market, including wasps, fire ants, house flies, spiders, and more.

  • Our TopCare Plus option includes the same superb pest protection and also offers monthly termite monitoring.

  • Our TopCare Complete includes everything above plus anytime termite elimination services.

Each option is backed by our Witt Pest Free Guarantee. To speak with one of our QualityPro Certified professionals about pests in your Imperial home, visit our scheduling page or call (412) 924-8324.

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Commercial Pest Control In Imperial, PA

Like our residential pest services, our commercial pest services come with the same quality, consistency, robustness, and satisfaction guarantee. SmartPM, Witt’s proprietary commercial pest management program, stands for Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management and consists of the five I’s of pest elimination:

  • Inspect – We investigate to uncover issues before they become problems.

  • Identify – We accurately identify the pest concerns to determine the best treatment.

  • Implement – We utilize the best measures to eliminate pests from your property.

  • Inform – We generate comprehensive data reports and share them with you.

  • Interact – We collaborate with you as an active partner in your pest management goals.

Adhering to the five I’s means Witt Pest Management does much more than just come in and spray your building. You might as well do that yourself. Our interactive, step-by-step method allows us to pinpoint the specific pests invading your space as well as the best practices for your specific situation, meaning we can help you eliminate pests entirely and keep them gone for good. To speak with one of our QualityPro Certified professionals about pests in your Imperial business, visit our scheduling page or call (412) 924-8324.

Guide To Minimizing Mosquitoes In Imperial, PA

Here in Imperial, mosquitoes are a summer-long problem due to warm nights and lots of moisture for reproduction. While there will always be plenty of ponds and lakes around, there are a few things you can do to make these irritating, disease-spreading insects buzz off somewhere besides your property:

  • Eliminate all standing water and debris. Most mosquitoes need water for their eggs and larva to survive, so getting rid of the stagnant birdbath or kiddie pool is a great start to preventing their reproductive cycle. However, some mosquito varieties can breed in damp soil or even piles of moist, shady debris. To keep that from happening, make sure you’re cleaning gutters and clearing any debris, like decaying logs or tree litter from your property.

  • Use airborne repellants like citronella candles, tiki torches, or essential oils like clove, lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus, etc.

  • Set mosquito traps or use bug lamps. These items can be great tools for a mosquito-free night in the backyard, but make sure to change your traps once they become full.

  • Plant natural mosquito repellents such as rosemary, basil, bee balm, peppermint, citronella, catnip, and sage.

As the oldest pest control company in Pittsburgh, Witt Pest Management has got the chops and experience to deal with mosquito infestations too large or too stubborn to be eliminated with the above measures. If you can no longer sit in your own back yard without constantly swatting at these buzzing pests, give us a call to learn more or schedule services.

Three Ways Bed Bugs Invade Imperial, PA Homes

One of the most feared and most difficult-to-eliminate pests in the whole country is the dreaded bed bug. These creepy crawlers are one of the few pests in the world specifically evolved to rely on humans as their primary food source, though they can and do feed on other species. Once they’re established in your home, they will feed on you and your family, sucking your blood while you sleep and leaving you with itchy welts, skin rashes, sleep difficulties, allergic reactions, and, in severe cases, even anemia.
Bed bugs are master hitchhikers, and they usually invade your home by stowing away on personal items coming from already infested areas. With that in mind, there are three main things you can do to avoid bringing them home with you.

1. Be careful when you travel: Since we live just a short drive away from Pittsburgh International Airport here in Imperial, traveling all over the world is easy as it gets. But along with super-convenient travel comes an increase in opportunities for bed bugs to accompany you through your arrival gate. In order to avoid picking up bed bugs, you should take precautions such as:

  • Inspect all beds for signs of bugs like exoskeletons, droppings, or bodies.

  • Avoid leaving luggage on beds or floors.

  • Inspect luggage for signs of bugs before taking it into your home.

2. Take precautions with second-hand furniture: Many of us have purchased furniture from thrift shops or taken a relative’s spare couch. While this might save us a few bucks, it’s also one of the most common ways bed bugs can enter our homes. Of course, the best way to eliminate the possibility of stowaways hiding in the upholstery is to avoid bringing secondhand items into your home. However, if you’re going to get such items, you should thoroughly inspect them for any signs of bugs before bringing them into your house. Consider washing or heat-treating secondhand items when possible.
3. Create a hostile environment for bugs: If you want to keep bed bugs out of your home, try to make it as unwelcoming to them as possible. You can do this through actions like:

  • Clearing clutter to eliminate hiding spots.

  • Washing sheets frequently.

  • Vacuuming often to remove successful hitchhikers.

  • Using a mattress cover to make it more difficult for bugs to hide in the folds and creases in your mattress.

Unfortunately, all the precautions in the world sometimes aren’t enough to keep buzzing mosquitoes or sneaking bed bugs from finding their way onto your property. If you find yourself falling victim to these or other sanguivorous pests, give Witt Pest Management a call, and we’ll be out to take care of those six-legged biting insects quickly and effectively.