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Pest Control In McCandless, PA - 15044

McCandless is a suburban town in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Quiet residential streets, a strong community spirit, and thriving businesses all work together to make McCandless a suburb that has been called one of the “best places to live!” Another benefit of living in McCandless is that your home or business can be protected from area pests by the professionals at Witt Pest Management. We have been offering local, effective pest control services since 1908 and we are the Pittsburgh area’s oldest and most advanced pest control company. To learn more about working together to protect your home or business from pests, give Witt Pest Management a call today.

Residential Pest Control In Mccandless, PA

Witt Pest Management offers the guaranteed services needed to keep insects and rodents out of your McCandless home. Our comprehensive pest control services quickly resolve pest problems, protecting your home, family, and pets from the dangers and damages insects and rodents can introduce. As an added bonus, we offer 3 levels of pest protection, ensuring that you will receive a plan that meets your exact needs. Our TopCare programs offer coverage against 40+ common pests, year-round protection, our Witt Free Guarantee, and include the following services:

  • Inspection

  • Interior Treatment

  • Pest Proofing and Cleaning

  • Exterior Treatment

  • Detailed Service Report

To schedule a pest inspection for your McCandless home, give the pest experts at Witt Pest Management a call today.

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Guide To Rodent Control In McCandless, PA

Stopping rodents from finding their way into your McCandles home doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to mean spending weeks of your time and money trying to flush these damaging and disease-spreading creatures out of your home. Get rid of rodents the easy way, with Witt Pest Management's comprehensive rodent removal service. Our professionals will find and get rid of your current rodent visitors and help to prevent a frustrating re-infestation. Our rodent removal service includes:

  • An initial inspection

  • The sealing of entry points

  • Treatment

  • Follow-up visits 

Our rodent removal service can be completed as a short-term program or as part of our year-round home pest control plans. To learn more about ridding your home of rodents the stress-free way, contact Witt Pest Management today.

Commercial Pest Control In McCandless, PA

Witt Pest Management protects businesses from pests through our SmartPM® program (Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management). Our eco-friendly SmartPM program provides industry-leading services that work to eliminate current pest invaders and stop them from returning in the future. We protect commercial facilities, employees, and customers from pests by completing thorough inspections, accurately identifying pests, pest treatments, comprehensive service reports, and positive interactions. To learn more about our SmartPM program or any of our commercial pest control solutions including bed bug control and termite control, get in touch with us today.

What You Can Do To Avoid Termite Damage In McCandless, PA

The best thing you can do to avoid costly termite damage is to call Witt Pest Management and allow us to install the effective and highly recommended Sentricon® System with Always Active™ onto your property.  Sentricon® with Always Active™ eliminates termites without digging, drilling, or trenching and without injecting chemicals into the soil around your home. Once bait stations are discreetly placed around your property, the system begins to work immediately, eliminating the entire colony. After the initial infestation is taken care of, the system remains in place and is routinely monitored to prevent future termite infestations. In addition to installing the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ on your property, doing the following can help to avoid termite damage:

  • Remove woodpiles, fallen trees, and tree stumps from your property.

  • Eliminate excess water by keeping gutters clear and fixing leaky pipes and fixtures.

  • Remove water-damaged wood from your home.

  • Use dehumidifiers and air-conditioners to reduce moisture levels.

  • Fix cracks in the foundation.

  • Leave a barrier between any mulch or soil and the foundation of your home.

  • Limit wood-to-soil contact on your property. 

To learn more about the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, the only termite control product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, call the termite control experts at Witt Pest Management today.